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Highly Recomended

I was very pleased with all the work carried out. They are professional and the quality of work was extraordinary. I highly recommend them to anyone!

By margaretlugto at 21:35 on 13/03/13

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Following in my Father's footsteps I began my career in property maintenance way back in 1987.

I added garden maintenance particularly fencing and decking in the mid 1990s.

Needless to say that over this time frame we have been asked to turn our hand to numerous odd jobs and if we can help we are only to happy to oblige.

Painting and decorating is my passion but I do love the great outdoors, hence why we do the fencing, decking and garden maintenance.

I have countless verifiable recommendations locally and abroad! I have been flown to France and Spain on behalf of clients who wont use anyone else but me!

I do try to cover all aspects of home and garden maintenance but sometimes certain jobs need a specialist in that area and I have numerous specialists plumbers, tilers, plasterers etc who I can call upon and trust to do a great job for you.

I am well versed in the use of all the major branded paints such as Dulux, Crown, Sikkens, Sadolin, Zinnser, Leylands, Johnstones and Farrow and Ball. All of which I will be happy to use at your request.

With the ever changing health and safety involving Gloss paints and varnishes I have done my best to keep abreast of alternative acrylic based products. A lot can be said for these gloss, eggshell and satin paints and I am certain that these will be the only products available soon. Their main benefits are that there are no fumes, low carbon footprint and quick drying, their downfalls are that they are not quite as tough as traditional wood paints but they are continually being improved.

When it comes to fencing and decking I am happy to install whatever the customer buys but I can organize materials which are of better quality and a lot of the time guaranteed against rot for 15 years. This is something you don't get from your DIY centres so it is a wise investment spending a little more money for a lasting product.

We are totally adaptable to whatever type of fencing you require and have loads of pictures of completed jobs. Please look at my main website or my checkatrade page for more pictures and info.

I look forward to being of service.


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12 Reviews of Extreme Handyman: Painters, Decorators, Fencing & Cleaning, Handyman

  • Profile image for radam836

    Extreme satisfaction


    Had a new fence done buy Denny , I must say that the work manship and excellence is the best I have seen and I have had a few fences put up in the last few years.if you want a quality job you will get it from extreme .

    By radam836 at 20:57 on 13/03/13

  • Profile image for petsumme

    Amazing value


    I used to decorate my own house, but this time I decided to hire professional decorators. I choose extreme as there prices were affordable. They did superb job. The job was done in agreed time, they clean the mess after them and I'm very happy.

    By petsumme at 20:44 on 13/03/13

  • Profile image for andrewkarim20

    love it


    My sister was stressing about her house being decorated, she found it stressing as the baby was on its way too. She was recommended extreme’s services; she got the place done exactly as she wanted. Everyone admires the decorations.

    By andrewkarim20 at 18:39 on 13/03/13

  • Profile image for danielveitch8

    great job


    We got an excellent service from dene in our back garden; the wooden decking looked amazing, it is a lot of fun in summer when everyone is over. Thanks guys. Great job

    By danielveitch8 at 18:34 on 13/03/13

  • Profile image for miclee319

    It is cheap but the best!!!!


    My daughter is going to move in with her boyfriend, but they are going to buy an house, so I will make sure i will get extreme to complete their house!! To a high standard like they left mine. Well I highly recommend this to everyone especially people who need their houses to be complete. It is cheap but the best!!!!

    By miclee319 at 22:27 on 24/02/13

  • Profile image for Patrickp385

    Super Job


    my brothers house is awesome I'm getting mine done soon oh my god i can't wait. I will definitely write back when I have had mine done . First i used to hate my brothers house because it was just to plain and now it is fabulous and awesome!!

    By Patrickp385 at 14:26 on 24/02/13

  • Profile image for anthonymark70



    This is brilliant my garden is awesome i can't wait for a hot day so i can go and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere! jai ho Extreme!

    By anthonymark70 at 10:24 on 24/02/13

  • Profile image for lizymoon

    excellent service


    Having stripped the wallpaper it became apparent the walls were in very poor condition, however this was no trouble to Dene and his team and they soon had the walls looking as they should. Great decorator!

    By lizymoon at 21:11 on 23/02/13

  • Profile image for anthonybrooke

    great job guys!


    My little daughters room is really nice and cute. They spent their time cleaning my room carpets and decorating to a high standard. They also fixed my garden which looked like an awful junkyard, but not anymore it is exclusively designed with a beautiful patio.

    By anthonybrooke at 21:04 on 23/02/13

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